Mound Bayou Movement
Planned Mound Bayou

Yes, this is the spot to watch for plans at Mound Bayou.

Some are shorter range plans like a "bed and breakfast" in the city so visitors don't have to stay in neighboring towns. In this same time period, some smaller stores will be developed in the city.

Other plans are more long range like a convention center and sports facility.

Efforts are underway to locate a bank in Mound Bayou.

Important to development is industry! Efforts are underway to establish a manufacturing facility for the "house in a box". This concept is a house that would be packed in a box, taken to a site and then assembled. Other potential industries are a frozen food "quick chill" facility and a canning plant for corn and vegetable oil.

Other efforts are to locate a music school in Mound Bayou. Supporters are being lined up such as Al Bell (Motown Records and STAX Records).

Emphasis will be placed on locally-grown food. Watch for news on green houses and on a natural food wholesaler and restaurant: "eQ BreadBasket"

Mound Bayou Movement places emphasis on partnering with universities, such as Alcorn.

Keep watching for news on the museum. Among many planned exhibits will be a presentation about every country where slaves came to America from.

Watch here for pictures, etc of planned improvements

'House in a Box'
"House in a Box"

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