Mound Bayou Movement
Mission Statement
The Walk of Faith Ministry, a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation with offices at 116 S. Edward Ave. Box 3, Mound Bayou, MS 38762, under the leadership of Rev. Darryl Johnson has developed a strategic alliance with Mr. James W. Stokes, Jr., of JWH Financial Services, LLC, located at PO Box 1613, Jeffersonville, IN 47130, to develop a city-wide redevelopment program for Mound Bayou Mississippi. The program name shall be “The Mound Bayou Movement, Inc.” (the “Program”), and shall be comprised of profit making and humanitarian projects.

James W. Stokes, Jr. Mr. James W. Stokes, Jr.
of JWH Financial Services

JWH has received the endorsement of the religious and civic leaders, the private and business community, as well as the Mayor and City Aldermen of Mound Bayou, Mississippi (see attached letter of support dated February 24, 2006). Several feasibility studies inclusive of its history have been completed for Mound Bayou by both independent research teams and universities, with recommendations that the city become a premier tourist area and oasis. These feasibility studies addressed themselves to the downtown area of Mound Bayou (Old Highway 61), which only included the homes of its founders, the Black bank building, city government buildings, and the old hospital.

Founders Home Bank in Mound Bayou Old Hospital
Founder’s Montgomery Home Scene at the Bank of Mound Bayou 1910 Taborian Hospital

After developing a strategic alliance with Walk of Faith Ministry, JWH made several visits to Mound Bayou, meeting with business owners and operators, non-profit organizations, church leaders, and private citizens in order to conduct a thorough research of the city in its entirety. Current conditions of the downtown business section, the hospital, the Eagle Music Academy, cemetary, municipal buildings and other Mound Bayou properties can be found on our proposed website. During its visits to Mound Bayou, JWH also met with state officials the Mayor and City Aldermen and have developed a supportive/team relationship and agreed to provide them with the results of its feasibility study.

Executive Director Joe Johnson in front of new sight for Eagle Music and Media Academy

JWH has taken the studies performed by the independent contractors hired by the city of Mound Bayou, Delta State University, as well as information derived from the doctorial studies of Rev. Darryl Johnson (affectionately known as Mr. Mound Bayou) and combined it with its research to develop a revitalization plan for the entire city. This has been a six month process and the feasibility study and business plan will be published and upon publication a town hall meeting co-hosted by the Walk of Faith/Mound Bayou Movement, City Officials, and JWH Financial Services, LLC in order to provide first hand information concerning the “Program” to the citizens of Mound Bayou.

The projects have been designed to solve many of the deficits that have historically hamstrung both urban and rural communities. The projects will retrain displaced persons, create progressive and affordable housing, and provide a variety of employment and business opportunities, move residents into self-sufficiency, build vertical-integrated commercial/industries that are inter-linked so that tax bases within these areas are revitalized. The commercial/industries will include retail, wholesale, recreational, educational, and tourist related trade including a hotel and convention center.

The projects designed for the “Program” will re-develop Mound Bayou into a national landmark. The city is wealthy in history but deprived in resources. In redeveloping Mound Bayou not only will the residents benefit but the proposed new industries will be an attraction for those who have been forced to leave Mississippi due to national disasters as well as other economic related reasons. Mound Bayou is being set up to become a national center for training persons for vocational trades as well as for medical related emergency response careers.

To fulfill this mission it will take not only vision but talent and resources. The citizens of Mound Bayou have carried the vision of the city’s forefathers in their heart and now with Mr. James W. Stokes’ dream of revitalizing historically deprived cities within the United States, the “Program” is now ready to move from vision to reality.

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