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The year 1887 - the year Mound Bayou, Mississippi was founded marked a turn in the aspirations of the plight of the African American slave and former slave population in the United States. The founders of Mound Bayou, Mississippi, Isaiah T. Montgomery and his cousin Benjamin T. Green had not only dreamed as slaves, of freedom to express the great talents and gifts God had given to the African race but had finally brought that dream into reality. By 1909, the dream yielded a city that led the world in cotton production and other agriculture and manufacturing ventures. Mound Bayou became the symbol of black achievement with a pride of a people that had vowed to rely on God in all that they did.

Because of the early racist enemies of the movement, the city’s “life in the limelight” was short lived and until this day the city has suffered many set backs. Mound Bayou now holds the unique distinction as the oldest black city in the United States.

Because of the intent of the founders, and as a leader in this community I am announcing the revitalization of this area of the Mississippi Delta as it becomes a blessing to the entire world. The dream that was birth in the heart of slaves will now be continued by our faith in God. Thanks for your involvement in this mighty move of God.

In His Hands,

Mound Bayou Movement Inc.

Rev Darryl Johnson
Rev. Darryl Johnson

Mound Bayou Movement

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