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Bicycle: competition and recreation

Nice Matin Accolade


La Canne à Sucre: best equipped

On June 14, 2014, Nice Matin surveyed the major bars in Nice and awarded the maximum score of five "trophies" for its screens. And it's more than deserved as La Canne à Sucre flies over the competition with its twenty televisions of all sizes. However, it was clear that this abundance does not ensure a crazy atmosphere. Thursday night it was very quiet. Wedged comfortably in leather seats or bucket seats, customers were in the bar like being at home. This may have its charm. It is, however, probable that the atmosphere will be different on a game night.
60 seats interior and 30 exterior
04 93 87 19 35 11
Promenade des Anglais
The bar Le Patron
The bar Nice Matin Accolade

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Basketball Basketball Basketball
Nice, France stop on Le Tour De France

TOUR DE FRANCE: And You Thought You Knew Logistics

The most famous bicycle race of all is celebrating it's 100th Anniversary in 2013. It is much more complex than just a race: it includes an advertising caravan (parade) and a tent carnival. But there is a tremendous effort behind the scenes to make it all happen. From a logistics standpoint, it ranks up there with an army fighting a war or a circus traveling around the country.

The actual race is run by 22 teams of 8 or 9 bicyclists each.That means about 200 participants; but the actual "show" involves about 4,500 people.

The advertising caravan (goes ahead of race and distributes advertising "gifts" like hats, candy, etc consists of 180 vehicles representing 44 companies, but the number of "official" vehicles (team cars, scorers, et al) may be 10 times that. Then you have "suppliers". Vittel Water seemed to have several tractor-trailers to capitalize on being the official supplier. Going back into history, preceding the race was more attractive to advertisers because spectators gathered by the road long before the race or could be attracted from their houses. Advertisers following the race found that many who had watched the race had already gone home. The advertisers distribute publicity material to the crowd. The number of items has been estimated at 11 million, each person in the procession giving out 3,000 to 5,000 items a day.

The tent carnival (I like to call it a "vendor village") moves as the Tour moves: tents up, tents down, crowds in, crowds out. Norbert Dentressangle has been the Tour's official partner for more than 30 years, transporting all the facilities and equipment required to set up the start and finish villages at each stage, along with ancillary items including safety barriers and advertising hoardings. The company also transports all the equipment needed to organize each stage at different points along the route, such as intermediate sprints and arrival at a pass. In total 22 tons of equipment is transported from stage to stage in support of the event. A fleet of 20 Norbert Dentressangle trucks and trailers and a team of 33 drivers will be accompanying the riders along the way to the finish line in the Champs Elysee in Paris.


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Corsica Ferry

Traveling in Europe?
You will probably need to make a FERRY RESERVATION.

Réservation Ferry en français
Stop by and see our Reservations Center.
Corsica Ferry

en savoir plus sur FAIR PROMISE en français


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Skiing Skiing
Cybersports An interactive recruiting website that tracks your recruits activity on your website, producing statistical reports of what pages they went to, how many times they visited a page & for how long and more! Post personal messages to each recruit and greet them by name when they log on. Also, utilize text messaging, instant messanging and mass personalized e-mailing too! CyberWeb & CyberRecruit even keep a history log of your messaging. ® : the web's most comprehensive social networking community for motor sports enthusiasts affiliate_link
Football Québec
Alouettes Canadian Football League
Ligue Canadienne de Football
Baseball WebRing
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Baseball WebRing by king5021
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Born on the Fourth of July, George Steinbrenner left the world stage with a great sense of timing too. By dying in 2010, the billionaire and long-time New York Yankees owner's wealth avoids the federal estate tax, likely saving his heirs enough money to field an entire team of Alex Rodriguezes.

Steinbrenner's death Tuesday came during an unplanned year-long gap in the estate tax, the first since it was enacted in 1916. Political wrangling has stalemated efforts in Congress to replace the tax that expired in 2009.

That deprives the government of billions of dollars in annual revenue but represents an unexpected bonanza for those who inherit wealth.

The death of the 80-year-old Steinbrenner, who had been in poor health for years, highlights a quirky tax situation that has drawn much scrutiny among the moneyed but little on Main Street. Only those with estates valued at more than $3.5 million had to pay under the old law.

Forbes magazine has estimated Steinbrenner's estate at $1.1 billion. The federal estate tax in 2009 was 45 percent, with the $3.5 million per-person exemption. If he had died last year, his estate could thus have faced federal taxes of almost $500 million, depending on how the estate was structured.

That doesn't mean his heirs permanently escape all taxes related to his assets. They will still have to ultimately pay a capital gains tax if and when assets are sold. And due to a change in tax law this year, the tax would be applied to the amount by which the assets have appreciated since Steinbrenner acquired them.

Even if the Steinbrenners sold the assets right away, the top capital gains tax rate is 15 percent. Worst-case scenario, depending on how much the assets appreciated after Steinbrenner acquired them: a $165 million tax bill. The Steinbrenner family has not suggested any sale is planned.

The estate tax is scheduled to return in 2011, with a top rate of 55 percent. The House passed a bill last year that would have extended the estate tax at the 2009 rates, but it stalled in the Senate. Many Republicans want to eliminate the federal estate tax altogether, while many Democrats want to extend it at the 2009 rates. There had been talk on Capitol Hill of reinstating it retroactively, to the start of the year. But as the year progresses, lawmakers say that is increasingly unlikely.
Gary Carter elected to Hall of Fame

It took 6 long years for the BBWAA to do the right thing but, January 7, 2003 Gary was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame!! Gary Carter collected 387 votes for a 78.02% (a player needs 75% to be elected).

Gary Carter at the Hall of Fame
Gary Carter Montreal Expos
The Gary Carter Foundation L'ancien receveur Gary Carter s'est dit fier de représenter les Expos de Montréal au Temple de la renommée du baseball majeur. The Baseball Page

Baseball Geography

Baseball Geography

NWA Wrestling affiliate_link


Canadiens.jpg (4023 bytes) Canadian Hockey League Sher-Wood Hockey Equipment
Utica Comets

The Utica Comets and the American Hockey League

You can catch the progress of the Utica Comets on Penney Vanderbilt's BLOG

Utica Comets Pictures 2013-2014

Utica Comets Benn Ferriero
Benn Ferriero
Utica Comets Brandon DeFazio
Brandon DeFazio
Utica Comets Colin Stewart
Colin Stewart
Utica Comets Cal O'Reilly
Cal O'Reilly
Utica Comets Pascal Pelletier
Pascal Pelletier
Utica Comets Joacim Eriksson
Joacim Eriksson

The Utica Comets and the American Hockey League from Penney Vanderbilt

Utica Comets Top Lake Erie Monsters in New Years Day Game

Utica Comets down Abbotsford Heat and win 4th Straight Home Victory

Mullen’s Two Goals Help Utica Comet’s Cool Off the Abbotsford HEAT

Utica COMETS finally whip the Amerks!

Utica COMETS are in Serious Practice Sessions

Utica Comets Opener Will Be A Big Event

Utica Comets Schedule for the Season Looks Great

Lots of Good News About the Utica Comets (even in August)!

Utica Comets Build A Team

Utica Comets Hockey Starting To Get Its Act Together

Utica, New York ….. The COMETS Are Back

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Utica Comets on Internet Radio

Yesterday was my first shot at Utica hockey “Internet Radio”. Comets’ announcer Brendan Burke does a great play-by-play on 94.9 KRock. Just go to the Comets WebPage and the hook-up is like automatic. Imagine! half a World away and perfect sound!
Eastern Hockey League

The Clinton Comets and the Eastern Hockey League

Clinton Comets

Bobby Dollas
Rumeurs et nouvelles de hockey: transactions, agents libres Montreal Maroons

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The National Hockey League - History of Expansion

College Hockey

Hockey History – A Small Slice From My Life Experiences

I followed ice hockey throughout the 1950's and thought I would share a little about this older era.

National Hockey League

The history of the National Hockey League begins with the end of its predecessor league, the National Hockey Association (NHA), in 1917. The NHL's first quarter-century saw the league compete against two rival major leagues—the Pacific Coast Hockey Association and Western Canada Hockey League—for players and the Stanley Cup. The NHL first expanded into the United States in 1924 with the founding of the Boston Bruins, and by 1926 consisted of ten teams in Ontario, Quebec, the Great Lakes region, and the Northeastern United States. At the same time, the NHL emerged as the only major league and the sole competitor for the Stanley Cup; in 1947, the NHL completed a deal with the Stanley Cup trustees to gain full control of the Cup.

The Great Depression and World War II reduced the league to six teams, later known as the "Original Six", by 1942.
Boston Bruins (joined league in 1924)
Chicago Black Hawks (joined league in 1926)
Detroit Red Wings (joined league in 1926)
Montreal Canadiens (founded in 1909; joined league in 1917)
New York Rangers (joined league in 1926)
Toronto Maple Leafs (joined league in 1917)

The NHL consisted of ten teams during the 1920s, but the league experienced a period of retrenchment during the Great Depression, losing the Pittsburgh Pirates, Ottawa Senators, and Montreal Maroons in succession to financial pressures. The New York Americans – one of the league's original expansion franchises, along with the Bruins and Maroons – lasted longer, but World War II provided its own economic strains and also severely depleted the league's Canadian player base, since Canada entered the war in September 1939 and many players left for military service. The Americans suspended operations in the fall of 1942, leaving the NHL with just six teams. Despite various efforts to initiate expansion after the war, including attempted restarts of the Maroons and Americans franchises, the league's membership would remain at six teams for the next twenty-five seasons.

The Canadiens

Founded in 1909, the Canadiens are the longest continuously operating professional ice hockey team and the only existing NHL club to predate the founding of the NHL, as well as one of the oldest North American sports franchises The Canadiens have won the Stanley Cup more times than any other franchise. They have won 24 championships, 22 of them since 1927, when NHL teams became the only ones to compete for the Stanley Cup.

Since 1996, the Canadiens have played their home games at the Bell Centre, which was named the Molson Centre until 2003. Former homes of the team include Jubilee Rink, Montreal Westmount Arena, Mount Royal Arena and the Montreal Forum. The Forum was considered a veritable shrine to hockey fans everywhere, and housed the team for seven decades and all but their first two Stanley Cup championships.

Montreal Maroons

1924/25: The NHL entered its eighth season with two goals, place a team in a major US market and place another team in Canada's Largest City Montreal for the Anglo fans left behind when the Wanderers were forced to fold, after a fire destroyed their arena just five games into the first NHL season. The team in Montreal would be named the Maroons, and they would play their first game against their American expansion brothers on December 1st, losing the first ever NHL game played in the USA to the Boston Bruins 2-1. The Maroons, who had to pay $10,000 of their $ 15,000 expansion fee to the Montreal Canadiens for territorial rights, would have an arena of their own in Montreal, as they became the first tenant of the brand new Montreal Forum that had been built specially for the Maroons.

In the 1925/1926 Stanley Cup Finals the Maroons would face the Victoria Cougars from the Western Canada Hockey League (WCHL) who had beaten the Montreal Canadiens a year earlier for the Cup. The Maroons would easily knock off the Cougars winning in four games as Nels Stewart scored all 10 Maroons goals and Clint Benedict recorded three shutouts, winning the Stanley Cup back for the NHL. It would mark the last time the NHL Champion faced another league for the rights to the Stanley Cup as the WCHL folded following the season.

The Maroons were Stanley Cup Champions in 1926 and 1935

1938-: In the years after Maroons folded the Canadiens, where left to represent Montreal, which was upended by Toronto as the largest city in Canada during the 1970's. Through these years Anglo hockey fans in Montreal either found themselves weaning onto the Habs or found themselves becoming Toronto Maple Leaf fans. Meanwhile the Montreal Forum, which was built specifically for the Maroons, would become the most famous venue in hockey as the Canadiens set a record with 24 Stanley Cup Championships with hockey heroes that will become legends throughout Canada, as the Maroons would be forgotten. A cruel twist to a once great rivalry that once saw the most fights between any two clubs. As many fights even erupted in the crowds, as well as the reporters covering each team would often be mean-spirited in their articles when mentioning their rivals inside the city of Montreal.

New York Americans

The New York Americans (colloquially known as the Amerks) were a professional ice hockey team based in New York, New York from 1925 to 1942. They were the third expansion team in the history of the National Hockey League (NHL) and the second to play in the United States. The team never won the Stanley Cup, but reached the semifinals twice. While it was the first team in New York, it was eclipsed by the second, the New York Rangers, which arrived in 1926 under the ownership of the Amerks' landlord, Tex Ricard's Madison Square Garden. The team operated as the Brooklyn Americans during the 1941–42 season before suspending operations in 1942 due to the twin strains of World War II and longstanding financial difficulties. The demise of the club marked the beginning of the NHL's Original Six era from 1942 to 1967, though the Amerks' franchise was not formally canceled until 1946. The New York Metropolitan Area would not have a second NHL team again until the establishment of the New York Islanders in nearby Uniondale, New York, on Long Island, in the 1972–73 season. The team's overall regular season record was 255-402-127.

The Clinton Comets

Yes, I followed minor league hockey too.

Clinton, New York has had ice hockey since 1918 when Coach Ira Albert Prettyman arrived at Hamilton College and introduced the sport. Clinton has only a couple of thousand residents, but was once known as “Hockey Town, USA”.

Founded in 1927–28 as the Clinton Hockey Club, the team was originally started by Ed Stanley who acted as manager to build a team from local high school students and helped to provide finances for the team to buy equipment and take road trips. He quickly was able to build a very successful team which in the 1933-1934 season played in the National Amateur Championship at Madison Square Garden against the Hershey Bears.

Stanley, along with Coach Prettyman who brought college hockey to nearby Hamilton College went on to be the only two people from the same town or city on the 1940 Olympic hockey committee. The 1940 Winter Olympics were scheduled for Sapporo, Japan but were canceled because of the start of World War II, as well as the hopes of Comets players Wilfred Goering and Art Scoones who were trying out for the Olympic team.

The name Comets was picked in a contest run by the Clinton Civic Group in February 1949 when the first Clinton Arena was dedicated. This team played in the New York-Ontario League from 1951 to 1954 and then in the Eastern Hockey League between 1954 and 1973. During that time the venerable and beloved Comets won five League championships and received the Walker Cup in 1958, 1964, 1968, 1969, and 1970.

Saturday nights were "Hockey Night in Clinton" during those thrilling years when the Comets dominated the EHL. Over 2500 fans jammed the arena filling all seats and sometimes standing 2-3 deep around the catwalk. Cheering for the Comets and jeering for the opponents became normal. The rink was rocking and cars were parked on village streets such as Utica and Mulberry. Fights often broke out and sometimes chairs landed on the ice. This was exciting hockey in which the fans were a big part of the game. One referee and two linesmen tried to keep control.

From 1954 until 1973, the Comets participated in the Eastern Hockey League, dominating for ten of their nineteen seasons. Most notably, under head coach Pat Kelly, the Comets posted a 315–208–64 (wins-losses-ties) record over eight seasons. During that period, in the 1967–68 season, the Comets produced an awe-inspiring 57–5–10 record. The Comets won the EHL playoffs in 1958-59, 1963–64, 1967–68, 1968–69 and 1969-70.

Eastern Hockey League Teams
Baltimore Clippers (1954-55 to 1955-56)
Charlotte Checkers (1956-57 to 1972-73)
Clinton Comets (1954-55 to 1972-73)
Greensboro Generals (1959-60 to 1972-73)
Jersey Larks (1960-61)
Johnstown Jets (1955-56 to 1972-73)
Long Island Ducks (1961-62 to 1972-73)
New Haven Blades (1954-55 to 1971-72)
New York Rovers (1959-60 to 1960-61; 1964-65)
Philadelphia Ramblers (1955-56 to 1963-64)
Washington Lions (1954-55 to 1956-57)
Washington Presidents (1957-58 to 1959-60)
Worcester Warriors (1954-55)
Note: some of these teams “morphed” into NHL teams

The Comets played in the New York Ontario Hockey League 1952-1953
Clinton Comets 26- 6-0-62
Brockville Magedomas 22-15-1-45
Cornwall Falcons 19-16-2-40
Gananoque Gans 17-18-2-36
Inkerman Rockets 4-33-1- 9

By Ken Kinlock at


After more than a decade without professional hockey — and 30 years before that of teams coming and going — the game is returning to the Utica Memorial Auditorium.

After months of rumors and speculation, it was announced Friday that the Utica Comets will play in the American Hockey League beginning this fall as the minor league affiliate of the Vancouver Canucks of the NHL.

And the team will be skating in a refurbished Aud.

Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri, who feels the AHL fits in with his vision of a revitalized Bagg’s Square and Harbor Point development, was passionate in his welcome to the team.

“What a great day for the city of Utica,” he said. “The emotion is overwhelming. … Welcome Vancouver to Utica.”

A key draw for Vancouver was that the state will be pumping $5 million into the Utica Aud — inside and out.

Enhancements include:

Infrastructure improvements, including repairing the arena’s façade, updates to the heating and air conditioning systems and electrical upgrades.
A 400-car parking lot on Whitesboro Street.
New locker rooms.
Workout and medical facilities.
A players’ lounge.
Upgrades to food service areas.
A new video scoreboard and luxury boxes.

Additionally, the move to Utica will create 54 jobs, including front office positions, coaches, players, trainers and equipment managers. An additional 34 part-time positions also will be created for the days of games and events.

The new team was introduced with great fanfare at a jam-packed Aqua Vino Restaurant owned by Rob Esche. The former NHL goalie is president of Mohawk Valley Garden, which will operate the team.

The team revives the name of the hugely popular Eastern Hockey League Clinton Comets of the 1950s and ’60s and is the latest in a long succession of pro hockey organizations that have operated in the area since the EHL closed up shop in 1973.

Frank DuRoss of New Hartford — another of the owners of MVG and a long-time operator of minor league hockey, soccer and lacrosse franchises — said he is confident of success despite the troubles of teams over the last four decades.

“We have local ownership,” he said. “You have lifelong residents of Oneida County operating the team. … We have reasonable ticket prices. And we are working hand in hand with Utica College, which will help both teams.” Esche, 35, an area native who lives in Westmoreland, played goalie for seven seasons in the NHL and five more in Russia before retiring last year. He also is a former USA Olympian. He said bringing a team here has been a long-time goal.

“The Utica Devils left town (in 1993) and I think the whole area felt down,” he said. “My dream was to bring an AHL team back here.”

The Comets will share the building with a number of hockey programs, including Utica College but Esche does not see a conflict.

“UC hockey is what started this,” he said. “Scheduling will not be an issue.”

Laurance Gilman, the Canucks’ vice president for hockey operations, was asked if Utica might be a stop-gap site for the Canucks, who according to reports in Vancouver media are deeply interested in Abbotsford, British Columbia, the current home of the Calgary Flames’ AHL affiliate.

MVG’s contract with the Canucks is for six years.

Esche acknowledged there is an escape clause but suggested it is heavily weighted in MVG’s favor and something the Canucks would be very reluctant to exercise.

“We signed a multi-year agreement,” said Gilman, who signed Esche to his first NHL contract with the Phoenix Coyotes. “We are deeply committed to be here, and we will ice as great a team as possible.”

Gilman said there is no clause in the deal that would call for the city of Utica to make up financially for any operating losses.

Article reprinted from Penney Vanderbilt's BLOG of June 19, 2013

What Happened to French Soccer (i.e. "Football") (2010 Worlds Cup)

After the disastrous campaign of the French national side in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, people are still wondering what happened to the team and can it ever be fixed. At the moment it seems that French football has hit rock bottom and it needs to seriously sort itself out. With some good guidance and luck, the team can hopefully regain its former glory and have a much better showing at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The problems started for the French team even before the 2010 finals. There was the dodgy case of Franck Ribery, the 27 year old star who was caught having sex with an underage prostitute. It is illegal to have sex with a prostitute under the age of 18 in France and the girl he had sex with was 17 at the time. This caused furore in the country over his actions and he escaped jail time as all major stars do. The problem was that it showed the character of one of the top French sports stars, who was allowed to play in South Africa and the horrendous campaign seemed as karma for his and other players’ for their actions.

The other major football legend of the French team, Thiery Henry, who has just announced his retirement from international competition, was also at the centre of a major controversy in his team qualifying for the World Cup. The leading goal scorer for France has just inked a deal to move to the New York Red Bulls in the MLS in America, becoming the second international star to do so after Beckham. The controversy was that he handled the ball twice before he passed on the ball to William Gallas who scored the winning goal against Ireland. France qualified and Ireland was knocked out which led to serious protests from the Irish team but France still went through. This act was nothing like his performance at the World Cup when France finally made it to South Africa; he was entirely forgettable and did nothing only coming on twice as a substitute.

At the tournament itself, the French team were hit by infighting and a mutiny against the coach. Nicolas Anelka verbally abused the French coach Raymond Domenech and was sent home for his actions. The entire team then refused to attend training in protest of the coach’s action and the team was sent packing home the next match. Anelka explained that the problems in the team went much deeper than just those seen in South Africa. Players were having issues with one another and the entire team was not playing as a solid unit. When they met strong teams at the finals they crumbled, all the pressure and issues plaguing them must have been at the back of their minds.

Another theory has been put forward as to why the French team has experienced a decline. This new idea says that the downfall of the French team started in the 2006 World Cup final when France played Italy and eventually lost to them in penalties. The turning point of that match was when superstar Zinedine Zidane head butted Italian Materazzi after he made some comments to the Frenchman. This was also the point when the finesse, style and grandeur of French football was lost. It seems it will take a lot of effort to find those elusive elements of quality football again.

Serious steps have been taken in response to the horrible performance of the team. First of all the coach Raymond Domenech has been replaced by Laurent Blanc. Domenech was a strange coach who was known for making odd remarks to the press and just being an all round weird person. Along with his dismissal comes the news that the president of the French Football Federation, Jean Pierre Escalettes has also resigned. It seems he left his post to bring in some new person for the job to really take charge and correct the situation. We will have to see if the new coach of the team and the new president of the Football Federation can inspire the team to new heights and reclaim some of their former glory. Maybe it is also time for some new players in the team; we only need to look at the exceptional new talents that Germany found in Mesut Ozil and Thomas Muller that led the team to a third place finish.

Hopefully we will see a turnaround of fortunes of the French national side. Without the likes of Henry, Anelka and others, we will maybe see a fresh, new and unified French team at the next World Cup. It is a shame when a team declines and we would all like to see its revival.
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Ominous Ecology

Greenland's ice caps are melting! Find out more about Global Warming at our Ominous Ecology WebSite.
Snow Belt in New York State Boonville Station There is a "Snow Belt" in New York State that runs above Syracuse and Utica. It goes East from Oswego to at least Boonville. Here's the station at Boonville.

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Graeme McDowell wins US Open
Golf in Nice and the French Riviera
Golf in Laurentides / Laurentians Region of Quebec
Golf in the Montréal area
Golf in Northwest France
The U.S. Open
Golf Courses on Google Earth
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