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Nice Tourisme

There is always something doing in Nice. We have great hotel bargains for you. Meteo France
Hotel Lido Beach at Nice

Important dates in Nice

Nice reference section

Tourist information about the Côte d’Azur

Everything you ever wanted to know about Nice!

Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Cimiez (section of Nice)

Jean Moulin, hero of the Resistance

Place Messena Renovation

Nice Côte d'Azur
Flea Market in Nice France
French Riviera
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Flea Market in Nice France

Find out about Dreams and Fair Promise

Corsica Ferry

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Réservation Ferry en français
Stop by and see our Reservations Center.
Corsica Ferry

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Ominous Weather in the Mediterranean Sea
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One of the greatest vacation spots is Nice, in the French Côte d'Azur.
While you are in Nice, how about a great ferry ride to Corsica?
Ajaccio is the most important ferry port on Corsica Island. The white city of Ajaccio lies in a semicircle on the bay, and is set against the backdrop of wooded hills. The ferry port area, fringed by palm trees, is filled with yachts and lined with colourful houses.
As the Ajaccio ferry port terminal is located near the centre of Ajaccio, there are many shops and restaurants within walking distance. At the port itself you will find a convenience store and a cafe.
Meteo Frqnce provides weather, weather forecast and holiday weather for Ajaccio
5th Tee Golfing

Ceparou06 is a new travel resource for information about getting around the Alpes-Maritimes
See a presentation on the Nice, France tramway extensions including a movie based on Deputy-Mayor Estrosi's Tramway Line 2 presentation September 26, 2011. This East-West Tramway is scheduled to be completed in 2017.

See Penney Vanderbilt BLOG about Golf and Vacations, especially on the French Riviera
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Place Massena Renovation

Place Massena Renovation

In June, 2007, a huge ceremony was held to celebrate the renovation of Place Massena in Nice.
Place Massena is the most important junction on the new tramway.
The place (plaza) was originally built in 1831. A 1931 photo shows a lot of the same buildings that are there now. In 1949, the City Casino was torn down and this appears to be about the last renovation. Time had taken its toll and major work has transformed it into a beautiful area. Even an underground shopping mall (at entrance to parking lot) was rejuvinated.

The new tramway isn't even open yet and already extensions and new lines are planned. Next will be an extension northward; Then a new line will head towards Cagnes-Sur-Mer.
Place Massena Renovation
Place Massena Renovation
Nice Carnival

The annual CARNAVALin Nice is one of the biggest tourist attractions

Nice Carnival
In a surprise move, Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi changed his mind about running Line 2 up the Promenade des Anglais and instead went with a plan that provides an 8.6 kilometer "tram/metro" with 3.6 kilometers below ground. It will cost €'450,000,000 and carry 110,000 - 140,000 daily passengers. It will run between Gare de Riquier and new? Gare Multimodal Saint-Augustin.
Boulevard Rene Cassin / Avenue Californie at the Champion/Carrefour food market has a tramway in its future.
Fifty-three years after the closure of the Tramway de Nice et du Littoral, the Tramway de Nice began to serve its Northern and Eastern sections. 2007 saw the completion of Line 1 serving the North-South needs of the city. Line 2 now addresses the East-West needs. This WebSite will be updated continuously until completion of Line 2 in Year 2017.
Place Messena Renovation Place Messena Renovation
Sidney Bechet JAZZ ON THE FRENCH RIVIERA Sidney Bechet (1897-1959)
Bechet's style of playing clarinet and soprano sax dominated many of the bands that he was in.
He played lead parts that were usually reserved for trumpets and was a master of improvisation.

Many African-American jazz musicians came to France and to the French Riviera because of the warm and friendly reception of the French people.

Because the Riviera is an "outdoors" place, the "jazz festival" was born. In France, there are over 250 jazz festivals: mostin July and August, and most in the French Riviera.
Bechet summered many years in Juan-les-Pins on the French Riviera. A statue there, presented by the city of New Orleans, commemorates his life.
Services for Expats in France
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Vacation Travel
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Vacation Travel
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Skiing in the Alpes-Maritimes
See Penney Vanderbilt BLOG about Golf and Vacations, especially on the French Riviera Skiing See a presentation on the Nice, France tramway extensions including a movie based on Deputy-Mayor Estrosi's Tramway Line 2 presentation September 26, 2011. This East-West Tramway will be completed in 2017.

Important dates in Nice

Legal Holidays
Jour d'lan (New Years Day): January 1, 2012; January 1, 2013
Lundi de Pâques (Easter Monday): April 9, 2012; April 1, 2013
Fête du travail (Labor Day): May 1, 2012; May 1, 2013
Victoire 1945 (1945 Victory Day): May 8, 2012; May 8, 2013
Ascension: May 17, 2012; May 9, 2013
Lundi de Pentecôte (Whit Monday): May 28, 2012; May 20, 2013
Fête nationale (Bastille Day): July 14, 2012; July 14, 2013
Assomption: August 15, 2012; August 15, 2013
Toussaint (All Saints' Day): November 1, 2012; November 1, 2013
Armistice 1918 (Remembrance Day / Veteran's Day): November 11, 2012; November 11, 2013
Noël (Christmas): December 25, 2012; December 25, 2013


• New Year's Concert (Acropolis).


• Nice Carnaval
The traditional celebrations before Lent are as massive here as in any part of the Mediterranean, and include street parties, bonfires, parades and anything else you can imagine! Carnaval is the leading event of the winter season on the French Riviera- Carnaval parades (daytime and evenings). Closing parade, bonfire and fireworks (Promenade des Anglais).
•Bataille de Fleurs (in conjunction with Nice Carnaval)
One of the most famous events in the city, a procession of flower-covered float winds its way down the Promenade des Anglais, cheered on by thousands of spectators.


Napoleon landing at Golfe Juan (first weekend of March)
• Nice International Trade Fair. (Palais des Expositions, esplanade de Lattre de Tassigny - Port).
• Finish of the Paris-Nice Cycle Race (Promenade des Anglais).
• Concerts (Acropolis).
• Nice Boat Show.
• Festin des Cougourdons. A traditional festival with local folklore and decorated "cougourdons" which takes place every spring. The interesting shapes of these gourds grown in the area, lend themselves to a wide variety of interpretations ... This traditional festival sees interestingly decorated 'cougourdons' springing up around the city.
• Printemps des Poètes


• Regattas in Baie des Anges
• Rallye de Tunisie.
• Easter Egg-hunt (Parc Floral Phœnix).
• Printemps des Musées
• Nice International Semi-Marathon


• Monaco Grand Prix (Formula 1)
Though held in the nearby principality, the spillover from this major sporting event often reaches all the way to Nice, as visitors stay in the city and travel to Monaco to see the events.
• Same goes for the Cannes Film Festival. • La Fête des Mai
This traditional family fête is held on all Sundays and holidays in May. Music, picnics and folk dancing brighten up the gardens and the Amphitheatre of Cimiez. • Trimed Regattas (Port, Baie des Anges)


• Fete de la Musique
Nice participates in this worldwide event with free concerts throughout the city.

• Fête de la Mer & Fete de la St Pierre
Held at the Port area, this is a popular event, as the fishermen pay tribute to St. Peter with a solemn procession and the burning of a boat. The festivities open with mass in the Gesù church, followed by a processsion all the way to Les Ponchettes beach (in front of old Nice) where a boat is burned in honour of their patron saint.
• Sacred Music Festival (Churches in the old town).
• Salon du Livre (Book fair) (Jardin Albert 1er).
• Nice International Triathlon- Ironman • Salon Bionazur (natural and organic products show (Théâtre de Verdure)
• National Heritage Day
FETE La Renaissance in Villeneuve Loubet


• Nice Jazz Festival
The biggest celebration of this musical genre in Nice, the performances take place at Cimiez Jardins et Arènes, every night. The Nice Jazz Festival is a subtle stroll in which the soul of the past blends beautifully with more turbulent new technologies. Concerts are held in the amphitheatre and gardens of Cimiez from 7pm till midnight with the most prestigious musicians playing on theree stages. An "alternative" festival in the city's various neighbourhoods accompanies the event in the mornings and afternoons until 6pm.
• Voucalia, Festival of Mediterranean Polyphony and Traditional Music .
• Nuits Musicales de Nice / International Academy of Summer Music
Concerts in the Cloister of the Cimiez Monastery.
• Musicalia (Théâtre de Verdure).
Mediterranean and world music : free concerts on Wednesday and Saturday evenings.
• Bastille Day Celebration (14/07)
Fireworks Promenade des Anglais.
Grand ball.
French armed forces participate> 2007 featured a visit and tour of the frigate Surcouf.
• La Castellada - Walking tour and performance on the Castle Hill.
Actors and Musicians organize a 2-hour journey through the main events in the history of Nice and the castle. (Château de Nice)
• International Open Summer Chess Tournament.


• August 28 - Liberation of Nice in 1944 • La Castellada - Walking tour and performance on the Castle Hill. (Château de Nice)
• Ball for the Libération of Nice (Place Masséna).
• Nuits Musicales de Nice / International Academy of Summer Music
Concerts in the Cloister of the Cimiez Monastery.
• Musicalia (Promenade des Anglais / Théâtre de Verdure).


• Fête du patrimoine (heritage days)
• Fête de la San Bertoumieu - Grand market for tradtional arts and crafts (Old Nice)


• Tattoo : International Festival of Military Music
• Fête patronale de la Ville de Nice Sainte Réparate (Old-Nice).


•"Sadeca" furniture and decoration fair (Acropolis - Expositions).
• Festival Manca - Festival of contemporary music
• Challenge de Lutte Henri Deglane
• Cap Cyber Multimedia Show.


Christmas Village : located on Place Massena, it offers many stands with local arts and crafts, for original gift ideas. Skating rink, attractions and amusements await young and old (Espace Massena Jardin Albert 1er.)
• Bain de Noël - Christmas dip in the Baie des Anges !
• Rowing across the Baie des Anges
• Lou Présépi - Live nativity scene (Place Rosetti, Old Nice)
• Nice International Open Chess Tournament .
• Sailing : International Star Regatta.

Perhaps the reason why France is the world's most popular tourist destination is because we want to experience, the quality of life in Western Europe's largest country. Who wouldn't want to visit a country like this?
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Air Show Pictures Nice 150th Anniversary of being part of France

Air Show by Patroille de France. Pictures Nice 150th Anniversary of being part of France.

Air Show Pictures Nice 150th Anniversary of being part of France

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The "Perfume From Provence" WebSite was developed from a love of Lady Fortescue's books, France, and in particular, Provence and the Alpes-Maritimes. At the height of their popularity, in the 1930's - 40's, her books sold many thousands of copies making Winifred Fortescue a best selling author and bringing overnight fame.

The Provence that Lady Fortescue moved to in the 1930's has changed almost beyond recognition. Her view down the mountain from 'Sunset House' now reveals a golf course resort, out of town shopping centre and many developments and roads although Opio village is largely unchanged. Grasse & Cannes have grown considerably and Nice, of course, is a very busy cosmopolitan city and resort. That said, many of the buildings in the books remain including the 'Domaine' and 'Sunset House', both in private ownership. Please browse through the pages, there are currently over 80. More photographs of locations that feature in her books will be added from time to time.

Data About Nice, Côte d'Azur, and the Alpes-Maritimes Department


Coordinates 43° 40' N ; 7° 14' E
Region Provence, Alpes, Côte d'Azur (PACA)
Departement Alpes Maritimes (06)
Status Departement's prefecture
5th french town by it's population, 2nd tourist destination after Paris
Origins Nikaïa, trade port founded in 5th or 6th century B.C. by 'Massaliotes', Greek Phoceans from Marseille
Population 345,892 habitants (1999) and 556,530 (1999) w/suburbs
Area 71.92 Km2
Altitude 10 to 300 meters
Climate Subtropical mediterranean
Average temp. 15 Celsius (59 F)
Sun 2,640 hours a year
Rain 860 mm et 80 days a year
Beaches 7,500 m
Hotels 10,000 rooms
Culture 18 museums, 4 theatres, 1 opera et 40 movie theatres
Conseil général des Alpes-Maritimes

Area 4.294 km2.
Population 1.011.326 habitants (1999)
Population density sea front 5.500 h/km2, Alps 10 h/km2
Other towns Antibes-Juan-les-Pins (72.412 h.), Cannes (67.304 h.), Cagnes-sur-mer (43.942 h.), Grasse (43.874 h.)
Geography Mountains (3.000 m and more), Sea (Méditerranée)
The Three Graces statue in Nice, France

The Three Graces statue in Nice, France
Beauty, Mirth, and Good Cheer
Other sites to visit

practical guide
sports and leisure
major annual events

holidays and re-occuring events

Informative Travel & Hotel Guides
History, transportation

great portal to the city....much in French
Insider tips on Beach in Nice.
Information about the city, culture, tourism, economy,
kiosk in Albert I and the Orchestre d’Harmonie de la Ville de Nice formed in 1866

educational facilities, and sports.
Irish Pubs in Nice
Nice football club

Santons, what are they?

Nice Jazz Festival
Happens every July in the high-up Cimiez section of Nice

Maps by MAPPY

Nice Airport

Nice City Hall

Old pictures of Nice and surrounding area

Interactive map of Nice
Artist on Place Massena in Nice, France

Artist on Place Massena in Nice, France
Northeast Corridor

Railroads On The Rebound

High Speed Rail
Over the last 50+ years, railroads have changed a lot. Now they are about to change again.

It is all about a combination of economic factors and climate factors.

Since 1950 , railroads have consolidated. Freight moved from a "box car mentality" to a "unit train,mentality". Passenger went from a robust business to a "caretaker" arrangement called AMTRAK. This happened as everybody could drive for free on the Interstate Highway System or fly on an airline system where the government subsidized both airlines and airports. In the meantime, railroad express and railroad post offices went "down the tubes". The old Post Office Department and the Railway Express Agency could not adjust to the new way. UPS and Fex Ex could.
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Beaulieu-Sur-Mer Here's some information about these towns.

Beaulieu-Sur-Mer is a small town on the French Riviera between Nice and Monte Carlo. It has a large yacht marina. It is on the coast, nestled between the Mediterrabean Sea and the Basses-Alpes. The main railroad between Italy and France passes through here.

Adjacent to Beaulieu-Sur-Mer is Cap Ferrat, best known for its lighthouse which has protected ships through the ages.

The Surcouf

The Surcouf (F711) is a La Fayette-class frigate of the French Navy. She was laid down at Lorient Naval Dockyard on July 6, 1992, launched July 3, 1993, and commissioned May 1996.

Five ships of the French Navy have borne the name in honour of the 18th century Saint-Malo corsair Robert Surcouf.
Since its commission, Surcouf has taken part in numerous missions, notably in Operation Antilope (Gabon and Congo), Operation Trident (Kosovo) and Mission Khor Anga in the Djibouti zone.

On 14 May 2001, Surcouf had to assist Marc Guillemot skipper of the Biscuits La Trinitaine-Team Ethypharm, who had to abandon his ship after her starboard floater broke. The Panther helicopter of Surcouf successfully airlifted the 5-men crew of the catamaran.

On 14 October 2004, the Surcouf assisted the Sara 2, a Panamanian cargo ship which ran aground near Yemen. The 16-man crew was successfully airlifted by the Panther helicopter, and later transferred from the frigate to Yemanite coast guards.
La Turbie Trolley

Built in the early 20th Century, this tram line went in the 1920's when busses replaced it.

La Turbie (from tropea, Latin for trophy) is a village and commune of the Alpes-Maritimes département in southeastern France.

The boundaries of La Turbie were formerly more extensive and included the territory now contained in the town of Beausoleil, formerly known as Haut-Monte-Carlo, owing to its proximity to Monaco. The commune of La Turbie retains a smaller, common boundary with part of the Principality.

Included in La Turbie is Monaco's golf club.

La Turbie can be reached either from Cap d'Ail on the coast or the Grand Corniche. Within the town is the Trophy of Augustus, also known as the Trophée des Alpes.

The Trophy of the Alps or Trophy of Augustus was built by the Roman emperor Augustus to celebrate his definitive victory over the ancient Celto-Ligurian tribes who populated the region and who had harassed merchants along Roman roads. Its remains may be seen in the Commune of La Turbie (Alpes-Maritimes), on the Grande Corniche, 6 km from Monaco, and is the principal tourist attraction for the Commune. There is also a small museum with a scale model of the Trophy.
Villefranche Harbor

The big harbor at Villefranche now hosts cruise ships. In the Cold War, the U.S. 6th Fleet was here. Before the First World War (actual date unknown) , the French Navy docked here.

Here's some inform about Villefranche. The little port on the Bay of Villefranche on the French Riviera, has inspired poets down the ages, from Dante to the Rolling Stones. It lies 5km. east of Nice and 13km. west of Monaco, facing the sun in a natural amphitheatre formed by Mont Boron to the west and Cap Ferrat to the east - ‘as if in a box at the opera’, as Jean Cocteau, the town’s ‘poet laureate’, put it. To complete the theatrical illusion, the precipitous slopes of the Southern Alps form a backdrop. Cocteau called the town a source of myth and inspiration’.
A Heron in Nice A Heron in Nice A Heron in Nice
December 14, 2007 and an heron is right in the middle of Nice. East of Place Massena near the statue of Massena. Such an unusual event that a policeman admitted "Ive never seen an heron". The heron is usually associated with wetlands not seacoast. So where did this guy come from?
Artist at Place Massena Artist

Omar Logang works on a new painting of Place Massena. The newly-renovated Place Massena is the hub for the new tramway.

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