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Nice Tourisme

There is always something doing in Nice. We have great hotel bargains for you. Meteo France
Confiserie at Port and big bird from Carnival

Confiserie (candy factory) at Port and big bird from Carnival.

In France Carnival (the celebration that culminates in Mardi Gras) is an occasion for festivals in towns across the nation. The carnival in Nice France is the biggest and most spectacular in the country. At the time of carnival Nice France erupts into a citywide party, with parades in the daytime and evening and a large bonfire and fireworks on Mardi Gras itself. Flower processions, floats, and parties make Nice the place to be for carnival in France.

en savoir plus sur FAIR PROMISE en français

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In a surprise move, Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi changed his mind about running Line 2 up the Promenade des Anglais and instead went with a plan that provides an 8.6 kilometer "tram/metro" with 3.6 kilometers below ground. It will cost €'450,000,000 and carry 110,000 - 140,000 daily passengers. It will run between Gare de Riquier and new? Gare Multimodal Saint-Augustin.
Boulevard Rene Cassin / Avenue Californie at the Champion/Carrefour food market has a tramway in its future.
Fifty-three years after the closure of the Tramway de Nice et du Littoral, the Tramway de Nice began to serve its Northern and Eastern sections. 2007 saw the completion of Line 1 serving the North-South needs of the city. Line 2 now addresses the East-West needs. This WebSite will be updated continuously until completion of Line 2 in Year 2017.
Flea Market Nice,France
French Riviera
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French Riviera by king5021
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Isola 2000 near Nice,France
Port on All Saints Day

This is the marvelous beach and Mediterranean Sea at Nice. Pictures were taken on All Saints Day (November 1) and there are TWO cruise ships in the port! A ferry is arriving from Corsica. Note the cars lined up for loading in bottom right. These pictures are from the Rocher du Chateau: This rock rises 300 ft. above the port and the old town.

By Ken Kinlock at

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Hotel Lido Beach at Nice Important dates in Nice

Nice reference section

Tourist information about the Côte d’Azur

Everything you ever wanted to know about Nice!

Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Cimiez (section of Nice)

Jean Moulin, hero of the Resistance

Place Messena Renovation

Nice Côte d'Azur
Monaco Port Services

Monaco Port Services

If your yacht is headed to Monte Carlo, then Monaco Port Services is the single contact you will need for all yacht services you might require: fueling, supplies, name it!

Towns and Cities of the French Riviera

Organic Foods

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One of the greatest vacation spots is Nice, in the French Côte d'Azur.
While you are in Nice, how about a great ferry ride to Corsica?
Ajaccio is the most important ferry port on Corsica Island. The white city of Ajaccio lies in a semicircle on the bay, and is set against the backdrop of wooded hills. The ferry port area, fringed by palm trees, is filled with yachts and lined with colourful houses.
As the Ajaccio ferry port terminal is located near the centre of Ajaccio, there are many shops and restaurants within walking distance. At the port itself you will find a convenience store and a cafe.
Meteo Frqnce provides weather, weather forecast and holiday weather for Ajaccio

5th Tee Golfing
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Ceparou06 Ceparou06 is a new travel resource for information about getting around the Alpes-Maritimes

See a presentation on the Nice, France tramway extensions including a movie based on Deputy-Mayor Estrosi's Tramway Line 2 presentation September 26, 2011. This East-West Tramway will be completed in 2016. The Forum for Supply Chain Integration

ec-bp was established in 2005 as the advocate for lowering the barriers to the adoption of EDI, and our email newsletter has been published every month since that time. Our focus has expanded beyond EDI to encompas the full gamut of supply chain practices and technologies. In addition, our readership has grown to become the largest of any similarly focused publication, and has expanded to include more than 90,000 professionals involved in nearly every aspect of the supply chain.

Today’s supply chain is more than simple transport of EDI documents. The complexity of maintaining compliance with trading partners, managing the ever increasing amount of data, and analyzing that data to drive constant improvement in processes and service take supply chain professionals far beyond the basics of mapping EDI documents.
King Preferred
Major Golfing Golf in Nice and the French Riviera
Golf in Northwest France

Golf in Laurentides / Laurentians Region of Quebec
Golf in the Montréal area

The U.S. Open
Golf Courses on Google Earth

The PGA Tour

European Golf Tour

World Golf Championships

Canadian Golf Tour
Lowest       Car Rental Deals
Conseil général des Alpes-Maritimes

Conseil général des Alpes-Maritimes

Centre administratif départemental
Route de Grenoble
B.P 3007 - 06201 Nice Cedex 3

French Riviera Resource Center

The Resource Centre works rapidly to provide you with a full range of services. It provides:
- accurate, up-to-date, verified information;
- a thorough, detailed view of the French Riviera, its benefits and potentials;
- tailored preparation for your site visit;
- time savings in gathering the data you need to proceed with your plan.
Port of Nice
Services for Expats in France
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Tramway Dignitaries
French Riveria Chamber of Commerce French Riveria Chamber of Commerce

- Finding and supplying information
- Simplifying the registration process (formation, changes)
- Training (courses / assessment)
- Aid in starting a business
- Aid in expanding your business
1948 Jaguar There is a mechanic on Meyerbeer in Nice; a block across from the Promenade. He is not the"walk in" kind of place. He only works on the "cool" stuff. Not shown are the old US Army Jeeps from WW2 Herbie The Love Bug
Corsica Ferry
Traveling in Europe?

You will probably need to make a FERRY RESERVATION.

Also available in French
Stop by and see our Reservations Center.
Corsica Ferry
Garbage Truck

Garbage Trucks, the environment needs them!!!
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JWH Rapid Response Temporary Housing JWH Rapid Response Temporary Housing
On site containers become residential accommodation, offices and much more!

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Tramway Nice Côte d’Azur

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Tramway de Nice
History of the tram in Nice
Open House at the Tramway Maintenance Center
Startup of the Tram
Extension of the tram
Tramway Inauguration November 24, 2007
archeological sites
The Tramways in the Mountains
Other sites you will like are
Nice, Côte d’Azur
Communauté d'Agglomération Nice Côte d'Azur
and Gare SNCF Nice Ville
Nice Côte d’Azur Tramway
There is always a chance of storms in the Mediterranean Sea.
Ominous Weather is about more than weather. Its about our environment. Its about our social issues that need to be surfaced if we want to save our environment. See Champions of our Environment like Al Gore SAS le Prince Albert II de Monaco John R. Stilgoe Ralph Nader. We have other environmental sites on garbage trucks and Rapid response temporary shelters / portable housing. We have addressed several railroad-related projects that will conserve fuel and lessen pollution. Our Window on Europe spotlights projects that can help the rest of the World. See projects that will conserve fuel and lessen pollution.
Ominous Weather in the Mediterranean Sea
“We cannot go back in time. However, we can consider economic development in a different light, and put the notion of “protecting the planet” at the heart of each development project. It is essential to rise above political divisions and ask ourselves what measures we can take today for a development that is sustainable and respectful of nature.” H.S.H. Prince Albert II, North Pole Expedition Diary, April 2006
US Railroad
International Trade
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International Trade
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Business Reference

Required Attire for a Remote Workforce

Ever wonder how your telecommuting colleagues really live? Turns out, many of them actually do work in their pajamas. They also tend to love their work-life balance – to the point where they’d take a pay cut to maintain the status quo. This is a “must read” for both remote workers and for their office-bound managers.

While you are in Nice, how about a great ferry ride to Corsica?

Ajaccio is the most important ferry port on Corsica Island. The white city of Ajaccio lies in a semicircle on the bay, and is set against the backdrop of wooded hills. The ferry port area, fringed by palm trees, is filled with yachts and lined with colourful houses.
As the Ajaccio ferry port terminal is located near the centre of Ajaccio, there are many shops and restaurants within walking distance. At the port itself you will find a convenience store and a cafe.
, Corsica Ferries has sailings from Ajaccio to Nice, with a journey time of just under 6 hours.
Meteo France provides weather, weather forecast and holiday weather for Ajaccio

Ferries run from the Côte d'Azur to Corsica and other locations. They are operated by either Corsica Ferries Sardinia Ferries or by SNCM (Société Nationale Maritime Corse Méditerranée).
Gazette Promenade
2007: Finally the tramway shall pass on the Promenade in 2014? The roll-on of the tramway on Place Massena just before the Christmas season is all about good news for everyone. This means that the tramway will be fully operational by the end of 2007.

La Communauté d’agglomération Nice Côte d’Azur is just not waiting for the people to experience such relief to initiate as early as this coming January an official public survey on the opportunity to create the tramway line number 2 between Nice and Cagnes-sur-Mer. However it is not certain whether the people along this route will appreciate to have new roadworks. We just hope that they will be able to overcome their past griefs and to foresee on the other hand the benefits of such an extension on the quality of living the moment this silent, environment-friendly and cost-efficient transportation solution will be operational. The public is invited to express their choices on the various routes proposed for this new line.

Why not on the Promenade? Should the tramway pass on the Promenade it would be a very good solution to upgrade our «Champs-Elysées», to reduce the traffic and to give back the Promenade des Anglais to the inhabitants of Nice. Such a proposal should at least be considered. Therefore, this is with such a big hope that I send all of you all my best wishes, good health, happiness and prosperity in the coming year 2007.

Kirkor Ajderhanyan
Agence 107 Promenade
Our HAND TOOL WebSite is intended in aiding you to locate HAND TOOL suppliers. You may search by product or by manufacturer. We add both products and manufacturers, so keep checking back. In addition we are a full service MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operational Supplies) supplier. If you are in the construction or farming business, we are your source.
Cheap Airfares Nice, France WebCam

Photo Digital Discount Nice

GlobalHighway The Global Highway:
Interchange to Everywhere
A portal to the World. The Global Highway leads everywhere! Follow it to wherever you might want to go. We have something for everyone!
Travel and Penney's greatlinks!

Agence Pour la Création d’Entreprises

For close on 20 years, this agency has played an effective role in world of business start-ups.
The agency works for the creation and development of support networks for those starting up, taking over or selling businesses, at local, regional, national and European levels. It transfers its specialist know-how to partners in the field and provides them with the most modern purpose-built tools to ensure that their projects come to successful fruition. More than ever before, this country has the resources needed to give renewed impetus to the process of business start-ups : the right networks, the tools, the people, and the determination... Let us, then, take as our motto the words of Saint-Exupéry: " There is no solution, there are just forces on the march...".
The tasks of the Agence Pour la Création d’Entreprises :
- Disseminate the spirit of enterprise.
- Inform entrepreneurs and assist professionals in their tasks.
- Observe and analyse the process of business start-ups in order to determine what forms of action are likely to improve the causes and effects thereof.

Ominous Ecology

Greenland's ice caps are melting! Find out more about Global Warming at our Ominous Ecology WebSite.

Port of Nice from War Memorial
Port of Nice from War Memorial. LOTS of Cruise ships!

Cafes in Nice France
Flea Market (marché aux puces) in Nice, France

See KC Jones BLOG about Railroad History We cover New York Central, New Haven Railroad and other Eastern Railroads. Penney Vanderbilt and KC Jones See Penney Vanderbilt BLOG about Golf and Vacations, especially on the French Riviera We have a lot about Nice, France. Not only do we cover golf on the French Riviera, but also Northwest France, Quebec, Golf Hotels and THE US Open

See Our Special Section on Social Media

See Our Logistics Section

See Our Electronic Commerce Glossary

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