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Railroad History
New Haven Railroad and New England

Wilton Station

Wilton Station

See more train stations in Connecticut
Railroad History

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New Haven Railroad Home Page

Of interest to the railroad manager, railfans, advocates of super railroads, railroad historians. Links to many rail-related organizations and museums. The one source to go to for history of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad.

By Ken Kinlock at
Connecticut Railfan

All About Railroads in Connecticut.
From 1844 to 1967, the New Haven RR was a force in New England.
The name for a famous bar car was "V:XI-GBC" for the departure time which was 5:11.
RPO's on the New Haven.
New York City freight. Railroad path between Norwalk and Pittsfield.
Naugatuck Line to Winstead. The saga of a short line serving Middletown, Ct.
Bridgeport General Electric.
Coverage of Central New England, Naugatuck, Boston, Hartford and Danbury Line.
Read the entire article.
Alpert And Einstein 1947 Brandeis
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Cos Cob Station

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George Alpert, last president of the New Haven

A story of George Alpert, the last president of the New Haven Railroad. He was president of the New Haven Railroad from 1956 to 1961 when the carrier went into bankruptcy. After he left the railroad, the Interstate Commerce Commission agreed with him that railroads like the New Haven must have federal subsidies to exist.
Read the entire article.
George Alpert. Last President of the New Haven Railroad. Talking with Albert Einstein at Brandeis University
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Railroads around Boston

Boston, Revere Beach & Lynn was a three-foot narrow gauge railroad. Union Freight Railroad. Boston's Metropolitan Transit Authority was created from Boston Elevated Railway Company. It is now the MBTA. Old Colony Railroad. Boston commuting. North and South Stations.
Read the entire article.
Old Railroads of Connecticut
From 1844 to 1967, the New Haven RR was a force in New England. Well over a century ago, the Farmington Canal was converted to a railroad. Eventually it became a part of the New Haven. Naugatuck Line to Winsted. Abandoned railroads in Connecticut. Coverage of Central New England, Naugatuck, Boston, Hartford and Danbury Line.
Read the entire article.
Canal Line today through New Haven

The New Haven Railroad to Provincetown

The New Haven Railroad used to go all the way to the end of Cape Cod. I know, I rode it when I was small. Too bad we were so short-sighted. Imagine doing it today.
Provincetown on the tip of Cape Cod
Nice Port

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The Central New England Railway
This railroad went across northern Connecticut and west across the Hudson River in New York. It eventually became part of the Poughkeepsie Bridge Route (an alliance between railroads for a passenger route from Washington to Boston) and later a line of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad.

Once upon a time there was a Boston & Maine Railroad.

All about the Boston & Maine railroad. Where it went; when it was built; what happened to it.
Read the entire article.
Boston & Maine

Railroads on Cape Cod

The railroad that operated to Cape Cod was part of the New York, New Haven & Hartford. It went all the way to Provincetown. Except for short lines and tourist railroads, there isn't much left except a rich heritage.
Read the entire article.
Cape Cod
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Cedar Hill Yard in New Haven

Driving north from New Haven, Cedar Hill yard cannot be overlooked. Its still used, but not to the extent it was 50 year ago. Imagine, over 9,000 cars handled on one day!
Read the entire article.
Cedar Hill Yard, New Haven
Bermuda Railway
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Cos Cob Station

The Train Ride to Choate

Edgar T. Mead described a trip to Choate in the 1930's. This article shows what has changed in fifty years. Rooting through old magazines on a rainy Sunday afternoon, I came to an old NRHS Bulletin (Volume 52 # 5 1987) and saw an article by Edgar T. Mead on a train trip from New York City to Choate School which is located in Wallingford, CT which he made in 1937. In 1988, I wrote an article about what we had lost or gained over 50 years. I then decided to update this for changes over the last 10 years as well as over the last 60.
Read the entire article.
Edgar T. Mead described a trip to Choate in the 1930's. This article shows what has changed on Connecticut railroads in fifty years.
King Preferred

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Connecticut Electric Railway Association / Connecticut Trolley Museum
Located in East Windsor Connecticut. An Unofficial Site about this great tourist attraction.
Read the entire article.
Connecticut Electric Railway
We hope you enjoy your visit to our WebSite. We offer a wide range of great sites. We have a great "Portal to the World", excellent weather, reference, golf and tourist sites. As well as great WebSites on trains run for the President of the United States . We are not "FLASHy" like many WebSites, but we offer you, among other things authentic railroad history material. Much of this material is not available elsewhere on the Internet. It was painstakingly collected over many years from such sources as Yale University. We never knowingly link you to any WebSites that contain a virus, collect your personal information, or are those machine-generated sites rampant with "Ads by Google". For some of our material, there is a small nominal charge.

Trolley Freight

All about the electric freight railroads of New Haven and Bridgeport. Waterbury had electrics too. These cities were once the manufacturing center of New England and these railroads were very busy.
Read the entire article.
The electric freight railroads of New Haven and Bridgeport.

Connecticut Freight Railroads

What railroads serve Connecticut? A listing of Connecticut towns and what railroads serve them for rail freight. All about the freight railroads that serve Connecticut.
Read the entire article.

There is no "brrreeeport" in Connecticut, but there are plenty of towns that are served by freight railroads.
Search them out!
Connecticut Freight Railroads

The Shepaug Railroad

The Shepaug Railroad ran from Hawleyville to Litchfield in Connecticut. It was owned by the New Haven Railroad and went out of business in the 1940's
Shepaug Headers


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First view of Windsor Locks station is from an old postcard; the second is from the 70's; the third is the current Amshack

Windsor Locks Windsor Locks Windsor Locks
5th Tee Golfing New England Gateway, The New

The Trolley in Connecticut

All about the trolley and electric railroading in Connecticut. The Connecticut Company was the biggest and it was owned by the New Haven Railroad. Even today, there are two trolley museums.
Read the entire article
The Trolley in Connecticut
A very good source for maps of New England rail and trolley lines is the collection of US Geological Survey topographical maps that's available online at the University of NH Library. Most locations have two sets available -- one from the 1890s, and a second circa 1939-1940.
Snow Plow in Boston
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Philadelphia trolley
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Essex Steam Train: The Valley Railroad

The Essex Steam Train; New steam comes to Essex. A Great tourist railroad in Connecticut.
See a great article.
"The 44-mile Valley Railroad once ran along the banks of the Connecticut River from the intersection of State and Commerce streets in Hartford to the Fenwick section of Old Saybrook and Long Island Sound. Trains ran from the summer of 1871 to 1968 when the tracks were abandoned. Today, a section of the rails from Essex to Haddam still operate as the Essex Steam Train a popular tourist attraction for train lovers. But the Shailerville Bridge, crossing Mill Creek along the abandoned section of the railroad from Haddam to Middletown, was a popular place to be during the filming of the 1959 Doris Day film, "It Happened to Jane." The film, also known as "Twinkle and Shine," was filmed in the locales of Chester and Haddam. The bridge is featured in a few scenes as a train (actually a prop made of wood) crossed back and forth."
The Valley Railroad in Essex Connecticut. The Essex steam train

Meriden Station

Old station at Meriden, Connecticut on the Hartford - New Haven line.

More railway stations you will enjoy.
Meriden Station

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New Milford Station

New Milford Station

Waterbury Yard

Waterbury Yard

Central New England Railway The Great Bridge at Poughkeepsie

Power station at Cos Cob, Connecticut

The coal-fired steam turbine Cos Cob Power Plant built by Westinghouse in 1907 was a Mission Style structure. It was designated a National Historic Engineering Landmark in 1982 by the ASME and the IEEE. Despite being listed on the National Register of Historic Places and local and national debate, the plant was decommissioned in 1987 and demolished in 2001.

By Ken Kinlock at
Meriden Station
LCL freight
The New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad

See some historic photographs of the New Haven Railroad, Steam along the shore line, electrics through Connecticut, passenger runs into Grand Central, and much more.

New England's Alphabet Route

New England Gateway, The New "Alphabet Route".
All about the freight railroads that serve New England.
Read the entire article.

New Haven Railroad Signal Stations

Signal Stations of the New Haven Railroad; State Line Interchange of New Haven and New York Central railroads; Bridgeport, Connecticut and railroads; New Haven railroad speeds and trackage rights.
Read the entire article.
The Housatonic Railroad between Connecticut and Massachusetts
This is all about the railroad from Western Connecticut to Pittsfield, Massachusetts. It was owned by the New Haven Railroad and is still surviving.

Canaan Station in the 1940's

Lee Beaujon collection

Sadly, the right half of this historic building burned. It was torched by teenagers. They were caught and now there is a restoration program underway.

At Canaan, the Central New England Railway crossed the Housatonic Railroad.

Both became part of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad.
Canaan Station
New Haven colors on Metro North

New Haven colors on Metro North
Thanks to Wayne Koch for this picture. See more about Metro-North Commuter Railroad

Head End
Railway Express and Railway Post Office

Reefer on the New Haven

On passenger trains, railroads operated lots of equipment other than sleepers, coaches, dining cars, etc. This equipment was generally called 'head-end' equipment, these 'freight' cars were at one time plentiful and highly profitable for the railroads. In the heyday of passenger service, these industries were a big part of the railroad's operations, and got serious attention.
We have text and pictures not found elsewhere on the Web.
Connecticut Railfan
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New M8 Cars on Metro North New Haven Division New M8 Cars on Metro North New Haven Division
Penn Central New Haven Railroad New York Central Railroad

Interested in Penn Central? New York Central? Pennsylvania Railroad? New Haven Railroad? or in the smaller Eastern US railroads? Then you will be interested in "What if the Penn Central Merger Did Not Happen". You will also enjoy "Could George Alpert have saved the New Haven?" as well as "What if the New Haven never merged with Penn Central?"

South Norwalk Station South Norwalk Station

South Norwalk Station and old signal tower

See more train stations in Connecticut
Northeast Corridor

Railroads On The Rebound

High Speed Rail
Over the last 50+ years, railroads have changed a lot. Now they are about to change again.

It is all about a combination of economic factors and climate factors.

Since 1950 , railroads have consolidated. Freight moved from a "box car mentality" to a "unit train,mentality". Passenger went from a robust business to a "caretaker" arrangement called AMTRAK. This happened as everybody could drive for free on the Interstate Highway System or fly on an airline system where the government subsidized both airlines and airports. In the meantime, railroad express and railroad post offices went "down the tubes". The old Post Office Department and the Railway Express Agency could not adjust to the new way. UPS and Fex Ex could.
Carbon Calculator
What's the most environmentally-friendly way to transport goods? The answer is freight rail. The EPA estimates that every ton-mile of freight that moves by rail instead of by highway reduces greenhouse emissions by two-thirds. But what does that really mean? Our easy-to-use carbon calculator will estimate the amount of carbon dioxide that can be prevented from entering our environment just by using freight rail instead of trucks. We'll even tell you how many seedlings you'd need to plant to have the same effect.
Guilford Station Old Greenwich

Guilford Station on ShoreLine East

See an older view of the Guilford Connecticut Station
See more train stations in Connecticut

Old Greenwich on ShoreLine

See more train stations in Connecticut
Willimantic Station Torrington Station1911

Willimantic Station on P&W (formerly New Haven). From a 1909 postcard

See more train stations in Connecticut

Torrington Station in 1911

See more pictures of Willimantic
See more train stations in Connecticut
See more pictures of the Torrington Station
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New Haven Connecticut train station

Old New Haven Railroad Station in New Haven, Connecticut

An old postcard purchased from Charlie Gunn

New Haven Connecticut train station

Current New Haven Railroad Station in New Haven, Connecticut

An old postcard purchased from Charlie Gunn
Ominous Ecology

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See KC Jones BLOG about Railroad History
KC Jones
There are many train stations in Connecticut

More Connecticut Train Stations

We have found even more on Connecticut's railroad stations! Click Here or on any of the pictures to see lots more (previously unpublished) information and pictures of Connecticuts train stations.

There are many train stations in Connecticut. Some have been rebuilt. Some are no longer used and have been converted to other uses. Some have restaurants in them or close by.
See even more train stations.
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