Rapid Response Recovery Group ACE Network
ACE (Architecture/Construction/Engineering) Network Department is a member of the Rapid Response Recovery Group
Rapid Response Recovery Group is a division of JWH Financial Services LLC
Companies in the ACE Network

Wilmor Enterprise LLC (WE) – Thirty (30) years plus in business as a developer and technical support company in Construction and associated services. WEI has also supported many minority business startups and mentoring of continuing operating companies.

Jones, Moore Construction & Consulting LLC (JMCC) – projects with the O’Hare and Midway Airports, the Illinois Department of Transportation, the Chicago Public Schools, the Chicago Housing Authority, Public Building Commission and over 100 projects, including institutional and infrastructure projects.

Globetrotters Engineering Corporation (GEC) – has been in operation for over thirty five (35) years, with previous branch offices in Milwaukee, WI, Gary, IN, Washington, DC and Indianapolis, IN. GEC has been involved in roadway and roadway lighting and bridge construction projects for the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), projects at O’Hare Airport, including partners in the development of the International Terminal Building and various runways, projects at Midway Airport, partners as the Operating Manager for the Chicago Public Schools two (2) Billion Dollar Development Program, projects with the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA), including managing the demolition of all of the high rise structures to provide the CHA with land to lease or sell for private development. GEC has been involved in every major project in the Chicago land area, including all of the McCormick Place projects for the Metropolitian Pier and Exposition Authority (MPEA).

ABNA Engineering, Inc., - a civil engineering services firm, was founded in 1994. ABNA is consistently ranked among the Top 25 Engineering Firms by the St. Louis Business Journal (2001-2010) and for two years was honored as one of the Top 100 fastest growing Urban Companies in America by INC. Magazine (2005-2006). ABNA is licensed in the states of Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas to offer engineering and land surveying services. With over 70 employees and offices in St. Louis, Chicago and Southern Illinois. ABNA provides Structural and Civil Engineering Design Services for civil facilities such as transportation infrastructure, sewer systems and other public utilities. ABNA also provides expertise for industrial, educational, healthcare and commercial projects. Additionally, ABNA provides Surveying, Geotech, Construction Management, Testing & Inspection and GIS/Planning Services for public and private clientele. ABNA is certified as an M/W/DBE with numerous agencies in Missouri and Illinois including the City of St. Louis, City of Chicago, St. Louis Airport Authority, METRO-St. Louis, IDOT and MoDOT. Some of ABNA’s major projects include the New I-64 Design/Build and the Lindbergh Tunnel that traverses beneath Lambert Airport. Our corporate portfolio includes Monsanto’s W1 Parking Garage, University of Missouri-Columbia’s Surgical Tower, and BJC’s Ambulatory Care Clinic.

JWH Financial Services, LLC - is headquartered in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Its principal operating component is the Rapid Response Recovery Group. The mission of the Rapid Response Recovery Group is to solve many of the deficits that have historically hamstrung both urban and rural communities. To this end, programs and/or projects will be designed to retrain displaced persons, create new and affordable housing, provide a variety of employment and business opportunities, move residents into self-sufficiency, and build vertical integrated industries that are inter-linked so that tax bases within these areas are revitalized. Our vision is to facilitate in those areas of life that make for a well-balanced society, including but not limited to housing, education, employment, business opportunities, economic development, health/wellness, and recreation. Rapid Response Recovery Group is initiating agricultural projects in economically depressed Mound Bayou, Mississippi and Georgetown, Georgia. These projects will utilize local labor force and construct greenhouses to provide up to four growing seasons per year. Rapid Response Recovery Group will partner with local universities to provide training and technology. Included in both projects are satellite operations with local small family farmers. In addition, Rapid Response Recovery Group markets garbage trucks, hand tools, and alternative housing for disaster areas and other temporary uses. Rapid Response Recovery Group publishes a community newspaper, the RAPID RESPONSE RECOVERY NEWS which is currently distributed in four states. JWH Financial Services, LLC and its personnel have a 35 year history of working with small and economically disadvantaged businesses. It is a multicultural company that was incorporated in the state of Indiana in 1994, and re-organized in 2004. JWH teams with independently owned companies in an effort to better equip ourselves to successfully fulfill certain business ventures and contractual arrangements. In these situations each team member brings value added ingredients to the table and when put together the team solidifies as one unit. Additionally, through partnerships with governmental agencies JWH will work within the framework of city and state re-development programs as well as with companies that have been established to improve the plight of the un/under-employed.
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